How is a wax beneficial to my car?

A wax job not only makes your car nice and shiny but it has many great protective benefits. 

A good wax job makes your paint surface nice and slick, which makes contaminates harder to bond to your car. Even if contaminates stick to your car, removing them is far easier due to the layer of protection waxes leave behind. Take tree saps and bird droppings for example.
Taking those two contaminates off can be a nightmare, sometimes irreversible damage occurs as they etch themselves into the clear coat. By having that layer of wax, it’ll act as a buffer, or a protective layer between the clear coat and the contaminants themselves, so removing them is often fast and painless. 

Furthermore, some wax have filling capability. Which means they can fill in those micro scratches that appear on the clear coat, hence increase shine and gloss. 

But waxing takes forever! Not anymore. As technology advances, waxing your car takes minutes. Many spray wax on the market today last as long, if not longer than conventional paste wax! 

So when people ask us is a wax necessary? I’d always say yes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get your car waxed out!