Signature Package – Two-step Correction

  • Signature Package – Two-step Correction

A level above our Jewel Package. Removes 80%+ swirls and 50-70%+ light to moderate clear coat scratches with a compound phase and then follow up with a polishing phase. This is where the “wet” look or “like a new paint job” corrections are made. 

Duration: 10+ hours

Price: Starts at $600 depending on make, size and condition of vehicle.

Service Includes:

  • All steps from our Jewel Package which includes hand wash, chemical and physical decontamination, detailing all four wheels, follows with a polish of the entire car which include:
  • A compound phase to remove deeper clear coat scratches, follow by a fine polish to enhance gloss. 
  • Alcohol wash to prep for protection layer application
  • Apply wax / sealant or ceramic coating for gloss and protection