Drive Protected, Drive Clean, Drive Sharp.
Servicing South & East Bay

Welcome to Sharp Mobile Auto Detailing, South Bay Area’s premier car detailing service to keep your cars protected, clean and sharp. 

Protecting your car starts the day you bring it home. Whether brand new or a used vehicle, an application of wax, sealant or ceramic coating is the main difference between maintaining that beautiful paint surface to a cracked, oxidized one.

The clear coat on a painted surface of our car is like the skin on the body, it must be protected from the constant bombardment of environmental pollution like smoke, radiator fluid, oil, brake fluid, and most damaging of all – our sun’s UV rays. Without adequate protection from the sun, the exterior as well as the interior of our car is bound to premature break down.

Taking fear aside, many of us just feels good driving a car that is cleaned and protected.

So welcome! My name is Jerry, I’m the owner of Sharp Mobile Auto Detailing Service. I’m very humbled to have the skills, knowledge and experience to help bring value to your busy lives by taking care and protecting one of life’s expensive possessions, cars – at the comfort of your own home or work. Specialized in Wash and Wax, Clay bar service, Interior detail, Ceramic coating, paint corrections, paint enhancement, emblem debadge, engine cleaning and many more. 

Call today for an estimate and start caring for that item we spend so much time in. Drive protected, drive clean, drive sharp!