Detailing vs Cleaning
... it's all in the details

“Why is your price so high for a car cleaning?” A question I get asked all the time and understandably so. It’s a detailer’s duty not only to details cars but to sell the value in the intricacy of the work. Car wash is something we all do within an hour or two in the weekend.

Detailing on the other hand requires attention to places often ignored. Places like door jambs, sills, interior windows, trims, wheels, tires, lug nuts, exhaust pipe, air vents, steering wheels, dash, clutch handle just to name a few. Even the exterior painted surface, has its own nooks and crannies.

If ignored for a long period of time, those nooks and crannies can build up with what detailers call “body juice” for the interior and “embedded contaminants” for the exterior. Which can range from natural body oil, lotion, dirt, cigarette smoke, pet hair to air pollution, brake dust, oil, bird droppings, tree saps, water spots, so on and so on.

Body juice and embedded contaminants are the things detailers go after when hired, a process that requires time as well as skill and experience. 

Not only your car will be cleaned, but also be rid of those contaminants. I’ve yet to have a customer who is unhappy after a thorough detail, whether the exterior or the interior, it’s money well spent for majority of them.

We understand detailing service isn’t for everyone but we also know there are clients who want top notch care and protection for their cars.

Here’s the catch though: if money is the issue, most detailers are able to customize the service base on client’s budget by focusing on trouble spots. So there’s no reason to drive a trashed car. Call your local detailers today for a quote and start to drive clean, drive protected, drive sharp!